Basic research, market research and other research projects


Research means that you don’t know, but are willing to find out.

Charles F. Kettering (1876-1958)Farmer, teacher, engineer, scientist, inventor, and philosopher

Practice-oriented basic research

South Tyrol Business School promotes practice-oriented basic research in the fields of business and management. The aim is to explore fundamental relationships and publish new findings that benefit both international and domestic companies and the South Tyrolean economy in general. The results are published in scientific journals and recognized publishing houses in order to make them accessible to a broad target group.


Below you will find a selection of publications (since 2020) that have been produced with the participation of South Tyrol Business School staff:

International engagement

Market research for companies

Applied research aims to solve specific problems or make concrete, practice-oriented decisions. On request, we work with companies to support them in the planning, implementation, and analysis of research projects. This may involve, for example, assessing market opportunities, observing and surveying consumers, or measuring the effectiveness and impact of advertising.

Services offered:

  • Development of questionnaires and interview guidelines
  • Planning and execution of surveys (online/offline)
  • Interviews with consumers or experts
  • Focus groups (incl. selection of participants)
  • Execution of experiments
  • Prototype tests with consumers
  • Surveys on brand awareness and corporate image
  • Qualitative research methods (e.g. eye tracking)

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Prof. Dr. Robert Wilken: Example of applied basic research

Market research for companies from South Tyrol

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Always included
Press and communication
If you carry out a market research project with South Tyrol Business School, in addition to the research results, you will receive texts and graphics that can be used for a press release or other communication media.


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