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Highly qualified professional lecturers lead our certificate courses and custom programs for companies. In small groups, you will acquire the necessary specialized knowledge to become an expert in your chosen field.

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  • Professional expertiseBecome an expert in your field.
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South Tyrol Business School

Our vision, mission, origins, and location in Bolzano.

Team and Advisory Board

The people behind South Tyrol Business School.


Practice-oriented basic research, market research and other research projects.

For companies

We develop customized solutions and courses for South Tyrolean companies.

For managers, professionals and career starters with or without a university degree

Discover our certificate courses from a wide range of courses on current, established, and innovative topics.







Modern management knowledge

Management includes activities such as goal-setting, corporate planning, organizational development, coordination of different functional areas, employee leadership, and control of goal achievement. Our courses are aimed at employees at all management levels, managing directors, and self-employed persons.

Efficient marketing

In this thematic block, courses are offered on product development, pricing strategy, sales and advertising, and communication. Our diverse program covers, for example, price effects, brand psychology, understanding customers, methods for increasing sales, market research, and the role of data.

Accounting and auditing

From the operational execution of company or group accounting to international accounting and auditing processes, requirements, and guidelines of international standards: In versatile courses, in-depth knowledge of accounting, consolidation, consolidated financial statements, and much more is imparted.

Business informatics, AI, blockchain and more

Information management plays an ever-increasing role in companies and is constantly changing. South Tyrol Business School courses help employees stay current and acquire new expert knowledge in the areas of the Internet, decision support systems, databases, artificial intelligence, blockchain and programming.

Statistics and operations research

To make decisions, companies should rely on data and facts. Our course participants learn how investigations can be evaluated, the results presented and used for decisions or predictions. Big Data is becoming increasingly available for this purpose, presenting companies with new challenges.

Many other topics

Our course program includes many other areas such as finance, economics, human resources, law, and business English. In addition, there are special courses aimed at specific professional groups, e.g. doctors, restaurateurs, craftsmen, hoteliers, lawyers, transport companies, and dentists.

Our instructors work, for example, for the following companies

Personal statements and experiences

South Tyrol Business School stands for quality, innovation, reliability, and satisfaction

  • Our certificate courses and custom programs for companies are led by highly qualified instructors from academia and industry. In small groups, participants acquire the necessary specialized knowledge to become experts in their chosen field.

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Aichner
    Scientific Director
  • Until now, there was no comparable educational institution in South Tyrol offering courses at this level with a strong practical focus. It’s wonderful to see that there is now such an offering in Bolzano.

    Manuel Danay
    Private Customer Advisor (Bank)
  • South Tyrol Business School also offers many innovative courses that prepare professionals and managers for future developments. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are some of these topics.

    Dr. Paolo Coletti
    Researcher and Blockchain Expert
  • In most economic centers in Italy and Austria, there are business schools that play an important role in the development of companies. South Tyrol Business School fills this gap and hopefully contributes to enhancing the competence and competitiveness of local companies and workforce.

    Florian Thaler
    Researcher (Automotive Industry)
  • The course offerings align very well with the demands of everyday business operations. Even for employees with a technical background, economic knowledge is crucial, especially if they are or plan to be in leadership positions in the future.

    Michael Wieser
    Project Manager (Plant Engineering)

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