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Teaching Method

Practice-oriented expertise

South Tyrol Business School offers compact, high-quality certificate courses and executive master’s programs. In these, expert knowledge is imparted by top lecturers with international experience that can be immediately applied in practice, thus bringing immediate benefits to graduates and their employers.

All courses offer a targeted combination of application-oriented knowledge, illustrative real-world examples, as well as innovative solutions, and future-oriented ideas. Our course participants are expected to be enthusiastic about the subject and are given the tools they need to apply what they have learned in their careers.

The best lecturers

Our course instructors work in global companies, have specific, practical experience, or are leading scientists in their field.

Small groups

To learn and communicate effectively, study groups consist of a small number of participants who work together intensively and get to know and exchange ideas with each other.

Future-oriented topics

We offer courses on relevant topics that address current challenges and important future competencies for entrepreneurs, managers, senior professionals, and young professionals.

Innovative solutions

Case studies are used to discuss and analyze best practices, efficient methods and innovative approaches to solving practical problems and tasks.

Typical course sequence



You register for the certificate course or the executive master program by filling out the registration form or by contacting us via email, WhatsApp, or phone.


Course materials

Depending on the course and program, you will receive professional documentation or access to online media, such as videos, before or at the start of the course to help you prepare in the best possible way.


Goals are defined

At the beginning of the course, the learning objectives are clearly defined. The experience and background of the participants are taken into account in order to achieve the best possible result.


Classroom lectures

Classroom sessions of 7 to 32 hours (certificate courses), or 6 months (part-time executive master’s programs), are used to teach and build competencies.


Assessment of learning objectives

The learning objectives assessment (e.g. exercise, presentation, case study discussion) ensures that you have met the learning objectives and fulfilled the requirements for the qualification.


Certificate or Master's degree

For the successful completion you will be awarded with a recognized certificate (e.g. as “Certified Sustainability Manager” or “Executive Master in eSports Management”).

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